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Eco-Friendly Service


Water Conservation

At Downey Hand Car Wash we use a sophisticated water reclamation systems that enable the car wash to re-use water many times over. This allows the car wash to only use fresh water when absolutely necessary (such as a final rinse) to ensure a clean car.
Up to a 150 gallons of water can be wasted in a ten-minute at home wash or a pavement wash. Due our recycle and filter system we only use a fraction of that at our facility. It’s how we make the most out of our natural resources.

Wasting Water is Weird


Eco Friendly Car Washing

Water conservation is only the beginning. Washing at home or in a parking lot introduces harmful cleaning chemicals and phosphates from road film into the storm drain that is intended to deliver rain run-off into rivers and streams thereby hurting the plants and animal life in that ecosystem. The water we use is captured and cleaned through our filtration and recycling system which removes dirt, oil and debris before being discharged to the sewer system. Then we use approved hazardous waste haulers to remove the collected waste dirt, oil and debris.

Nothing is discharged to storm drains where it could end up in the ocean. Conserve water and protect  the environment.

Lazy Ways to Conserve Water PSA

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