3Day Guarantee


Our 3Day Guarantee is a way to protect the money you spend to keep your vehicle looking new. It is valid with any paid Full Service Car Wash Package and allows you to bring your vehicle back within 3 Days of your wash and receive an Exterior Only Wash for any reason. This covers everything from rain, to dirt you pick up on the road, and even that lucky shot from a bird right when you pull off the lot!

Just follow these simple rules:

  • Must be same vehicle
  • Must have original receipt
  • Must be in allotted time frame
  • Upon arrival let a salesperson know you are here for your 3Day Guarantee
  • Use Express Wash Lane

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3Day Guarantee

#1 Rated Full Service Downey Hand Car Wash!
With more than 30 years of trusted management experience, Downey Hand Car Wash employees are trained and pre-qualified for the care of your car.

We only use premium products to give your car the ultimate clean and shine every time and our detailing and oil change technicians are specially trained to pamper your vehicle. Our experienced Quick Lube technicians are trained to give you more than just an oil change but also a preventive maintenance program that enhances the reliability and longevity of your vehicle.

While your car is in our caring hands, you can relax in an inviting and uplifting lounge with FREEcoffee, FREE wireless internet, TV, magazines, and a huge selection of greeting cards, gifts, auto accessories and air fresheners.

There’s no need to spend all day driving to multiple locations… We have a full menu of services which includes 100% Hand Wash, Detailing, Oil Change & Car Maintenance making Downey Hand Car Wash your convenient one stop shop for your car care needs.

Downey hand car wash

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